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Locality: Oklahoma [USA]
State: OK|Country: US

[b][Tue, 26 Jul 16 07:09:50 -0300]⬈g8 ⬊⭑ Displaying results 51 - 75 of 304 matches (0.11 seconds) 51. [24.45%] .000030 (0.00076) min. gold on mating end • .000120 (0.00304) min. tin-lead on solder end all underplated .000050 (0.00127) min. nickel For quantities greater than listed, call for quote. Straight and Angled Exit RFI/EMI Shields (Two-Piece) 6.2kb 52. [24.45%] HR10-7P-4S(73) J 7 4 Female Gold Hirose Price 798-HR10-7P-6P73 HR10-7P-6P(73) J 7 6 Male Gold Fig. Description STOCK NO. Part No. Each 798-HR10-7P-6S73 HR10-7P-6S(73) J 7 6 Female Gold Hand Tool 798-HR10-10P-12P73 HR10-10P-12P(73) J 10 12 6.7kb 53. [24.45%] M20-9991046 E 10 Single Row, Gold • 2.54mm Pitch • Gold Finish 855-M20-9990245 M20-9990245 E 2 • Contacts: Phosphor Bronze 855-M20-9990345 M20-9990345 E 3 • Temp Range: -55°C to 105°C 855-M20-9990545 M20-9990545 E 5 • 32+32 way Supports 4.2kb 54. [24.45%] x1, x2, x4 Sector Erase Highest 2.7-3.6 797-25FL127SABNFI101 S25FL127SABNFI101 SOIC-8 - - 128Mb x1, x2, x4 Sector Erase Highest 2.7-3.6 797-25FL127SABBHIC00 S25FL127SABBHIC00 BGA-24 65 65 128Mb x1, x2, x4 Uniform Highest 2.7-3.6 8.0kb 55. [24.45%] Mounting Hole • 30 microns Gold For quantities greater than listed, call for quote. Amphenol No. of Price Each Fig. Type STOCK NO. Part No. Positions 1 10 50 100 523-6E17-C009P-AJ121 6E17-C009P-AJ121 A 9 Male 523-6E17-C009S-AJ120 3.8kb 56. [24.45%] Part # ending with 45: Gold finish; Part number ending with 42: Gold contact, tin tail Sockets For quantities greater than listed, call for quote. Headers (Cont.) For quantities greater than listed, call for quote. Harwin Price Each 5.8kb 57. [23.21%] NC3MXX-B B 3 Male Gold 568-NC3MXX-HA-BAG * 568-NC4MXX-B NC3MXX-HA-BAG B 3 Male Silver NC4MXX-B B 4 Male Gold 568-NC5MXX-B NC5MXX-B B 5 Male Gold 568-NC6MXX-B NC6MXX-B B 6 Male Gold 568-NC7MXX-B NC7MXX-B B 7 Male Gold 568-NC3FXX-B 4.2kb 58. [23.21%] • Center Contact Plating: Gold • Impedance: 50ohm Features: • Cable Color: Black PVC • 24AWG Round UTP stranded • AWG: 20 stranded • Unshielded twisted pair cable Cable Assemblies • Cat 5E-350MHz; Cat6-500MHz • Tested to meet and 5.5kb 59. [23.21%] 6 571-207365-8 207365-8 H 3 Gold 571-207439-1 207439-1 B 9 571-207583-6 207583-6 H 6 Tin 571-2070171 207017-1 B 12 571-207583-7 207583-7 H 6 Gold 571-2074421 207442-1 B 18 571-207584-7 207584-7 H 10 Tin 571-2073041 207304-1 B 24 571-207584-8 4.0kb 60. [23.21%] Barrel: Nickel/silver, gold plated • Contact Resistance: Less than 17mΩ • Plunger: Full-hard Beryllium copper or steel, • Current Rating: 3 amps continuous • Spring: Stainless steel, gold plated • Recommended Working Travel: .170 6.9kb 61. [22.12%] ROW HEADERS A Right Angle, Gold, Thru-Hole For quantities greater than listed, call for quote. Hirose No. of Dim.: mm Price Each Fig. A STOCK NO. Part No. Circuits A B 1 10 100 798-DF3-2P-2DS01 DF3-2P-2DS(01) A 2 6 2 798-DF3-3P-2DS01 5.1kb 62. [22.12%] C016 20H003 200 10 B 3 + PE Gold Blue Screw 400V 12A 14 523-C01620H00320012 C016 20H003 200 12 B 3 + PE Gold Black Screw 400V 12A 14 523-C01630H00610010 C016 30H006 100 10 B 6 + PE Silver Blue Solder 250V 10A 20 523-C01630H00610012 C016 30H006 100 4.8kb 63. [21.03%] Copper Alloy, Silver or Gold plating 1 5 5 UL94V-0 Rated • Color: Black 1 1 • Durability: 5000 Mating Cycles • Non-threaded 2 2 • Complies with EIA standards 3 4 4 3 6 6 * Housing: PBT Thermoplastic, UL94V-0 Rated For quantities 4.5kb 64. [21.03%] 100 Single Row - Vertical - Gold - SMT - With Boss (Cont.) 798-DF13B3P125V50 DF13B-3P-1.25V(50) A 3 8.40 2.50 798-DF13B5P125V50 DF13B-5P-1.25V(50) A 5 10.90 5.00 A 798-DF13B6P125V50 DF13B-6P-1.25V(50) A 6 12.15 6.25 Single Row - Vertical - Gold - 4.9kb 65. [19.94%] 100mA D for both silver and gold plated contacts. D • Insulation resistance: 1,000MΩ min. 2.7 5.1 • Dielectric strength: 1,000Vrms @ sea level L L • Operating temperature: -30°c to 85°C C 11.4 Contact Material Options: • Q - Fixed 4.9kb 66. [19.94%] 75869-130LF B 4 Gold Tin 500 649-75869-131LF 75869-131LF B 6 Gold Tin 500 649-75869-132LF 75869-132LF B 8 Gold Tin 500 649-75869-103LF 75869-103LF B 16 Gold Tin 500 649-75869-101LF 75869-101LF B 20 Gold Tin 500 649-75869-104LF 6.2kb 67. [18.85%] call for quote. 174-3310 Gold Gold Contact Price Each Insulator 174-3320 Gold Black chrome STOCK NO. Plating 1 10 100 Solid Center Pin 164-4215 Nickel Black 174-3330 Silver Nickel 164-4315 Nickel Red Color 174-3340 Gold Gold 164-4321 4.4kb 68. [18.85%] 75586-0009 C 26 30µ" Gold 0.8mm (.031") SMT, Right-Angle Receptacle 538-75586-0011 75586-0011 C 38 30µ" Gold 0.8mm (.031") SMT, Right-Angle Receptacle 538-75586-0007 75586-0007 C 68 30µ" Gold 0.8mm (.031") SMT, Right-Angle Receptacle 5.1kb 69. [18.85%] C 2 0.394 • Header: Brass, gold over nickel • Connector: Copper alloy; gold 571-796644-3 796644-3 C 3 0.591 over nickel 571-796644-4 796644-4 C 4 0.787 • Wire Range: 26-30AWG solid, 571-796644-5 796644-5 C 5 0.984 28AWG stranded • Maximum 4.9kb 70. [18.85%] 1-794610-1 20-24 15µ" Gold • Utilizes standard Micro MATE-N-LOK contacts 571-1-794610-2 1-794610-2 20-24 30µ" Gold For quantities greater than listed, call for quote. 571-7946111 794611-1 26-30 Tin TE No. of Price Each 4.7kb 71. [17.76%] C 7S+9P Right Angle Gold 1.27mm (.050") SMT for 1.8" Solid State Drive Receptacles 538-78109-0001 78109-0001 D 7S+9P Right Angle Gold 1.27mm (.050") SMT for 1.8" Hard Disk Drive 538-78320-0001 78320-0001 E 7S+9P Right Angle Gold 1.27mm 5.0kb 72. [17.76%] 15-29-1024 D Open Top 15µ" Gold 538-15-29-1026 15-29-1026 D Open Top 30µ" Gold 538-15-38-1024 15-38-1024 D Open Top 150µ" Tin 538-15-29-1025 15-29-1025 D Closed Top 15µ" Gold 538-15-29-1027 15-29-1027 D Closed Top 30µ" Gold 538-15-38-1026 4.1kb 73. [17.76%] B • Contact Plating: Gold For quantities greater than listed, call for quote. B Molex No. of Dimensions: mm Price Each Fig. Circuits STOCK NO. Part No. A B 1 10 100 250 Bottom Contact G H I 538- B 21 7.00 5.00 6.5kb 74. [17.76%] 5.6 0.5MM - RIGHT ANGLE - GOLD For quantities greater than listed, call for quote. B Hirose No. of Dimensions: mm Price Each C Fig. STOCK NO. Part No. Circuits A B C D E 1 10 100 Bottom Contact 798-FH12-6S-0.5SH55 FH12-6S-0.5SH(55) A 6 6.3kb 75. [17.76%] Type, DIP, Blue, 30u" Gold 523-GSB422137EU GSB422137EU - Type B, Vertical Receptacle, Thru Hole, DIP, Blue, 30u"Gold 523-GSB443133HR GSB443133HR E Micro B, R/A Receptacle, SMT, Black, 30u"Gold 523-GSB443T33HR GSB443T33HR - Micro B, R/A 4.9kb Result page: Previous 2 3 4 Next [Tuesday 26th of July 2016 07:09:50 AM]|×××|highest paying gold buyers - RewardsGo to homepageSell Diamonds, Gold and Silver in Grand Rapids | Highest ...Grand Rapids areas most trusted buyer of diamonds, gold and silver More Reasons to Sell your Diamonds, Gold and Silver at Jensen Estate Buyers. You get paid more …St. Louis Gold Buyers - Missouri Gold Buyers & JewelryGold buyers in St. Louis, call (314) 351-GOLD. Missouri Gold Buyers & Jewelry is the largest precious metal buyer in the state-we buy gold at the BEST prices in town!Gold Coast Gold Buyers - Sell gold | Gold BrokersHighest Payouts in the Gold Coast region! Your local Gold Buyers! Call us today on 1300 88 79 02 to sell your unwanted gold and turn it into cash!cash for gold buyers st petersburg fl 727-278-0280Foriegn currency exchange St. Petersburg FL. 727-278-0280 is offering the best cash prices for your foriegn currency, Sterling silver flatware, gold and silver Coins ...Long Island Gold and Jewelry BuyersNassau Buyers offers best prices for your gold, diamond, coins and jewelry along with a fast and friendly service.Adelaide Gold Buyers - Cash for Gold - SA Gold TradersSA Gold Traders are the Adelaide gold buyers that truly provide more. We are customer focussed and want you to have the best experience possible. We really doBrisbane Gold Brokers - Sell gold | Gold BuyersSell gold in Brisbane easily and securely and get the best price! We are the #1 Gold Buyers! Call us on 1300 88 79 02 to turn your unwanted gold into cash!Contact Us – Gold Refinery of Round Rock Texas – highest .../contact-usCall to make an appointment for a FREE appraisal: (512) 387-7158 or email us at info@Tri-City Gold Buyers: Best place to sell your Gold ...Tri-City Gold Buyers 727 Gray Station Rd Gray, TN 37615 (423) 477-0018 We are in the former Video Magic building, Gray Elementary School is right behind us.Square Deal Gold Buyers - We Buy Gold For Cash - …Square Deal Gold Buyers - Instantly turn your scrap, broken or unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry into cash!Gold Buyers Melbourne | Reputable Gold Buyers and SellersWelcome to Gold buyers Melbourne, owned and operated by Sell Your Gold Pty Ltd. A trusted family business whose pride is to be the most competitive in the Melbourne ...SoCal's #1 Diamond Jewelry Buyers, Jewelry AppraisalsExperienced Jeweler for Buying and Selling Jewelry in Orange County. We buy gold, diamonds, silver and platinum for Orange CountyDiamonds | Galaxy Gold Buyers/diamondsDiamonds Definition. A diamond is precious stone consisting of a clear and colourless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring for gold buyers st petersburg fl 727-278-0280/cashforgoldpackage_001.htmCash for Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewelry Buyers of St. Petersburg Florida call 727-278-0280 is offering the best cash prices for scrap gold, Sterling silver flatware ...Scrap Gold | Sell Gold | Scrap Gold Buyers: Gold TradersScrap gold buyers. Sell gold, instant quote, clear scrap gold prices. Fast payments by cash, cheque and BACS. No testing fees or nasty small print.Gba (gold Buyers Of Alaska) Refining , Assaying, Buy & Sell.GBA - Alaska Gold Dealers with offices in Nome, Eagle River & Fairbanks. We assay, refine, buy & sell gold. Highest payouts in the state.Cash For Gold - gold buyers in oxnard diamonds buyers in ...We are the most trusted and highest paying CASH buyers in Oxnard and Ventura County. We're open 7 days a week 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.Cash for Gold | Sell Gold Jewelry | Toronto Diamond BuyersAs leading jewelry buyers in Toronto, we want to give you the best money for gold or when you sell diamonds with us. We understand that you may need money ...Sell Your Gold in Rockville, MarylandRockville Gold Buyers are the #1 Gold Buyers in Rockville Maryland. A family owned and operated business that has over 25 locations on the east coast.Dallas Diamond Buyers | Diamond Exchange DallasGet Paid Cash. 3. Get paid cash today. If You accept our highest cash offer on your diamonds, jewelry, Rolex watch, Silver dollars, or Gold coins.Gold investment advice for first-time coin and bullion buyers/cpm/What you need to know before you buy your first ounce of gold Some initial guidelines from one of America's top gold expertsFAQs - Vancouver Gold BuyersVancouver Gold Buyers/faq-pageVancouver Gold pays as much as 98% of the current market melt value of your gold. This is much higher than most jewellery stores, pawn shops, infomercial gold buyers ...Gold Calgary - Sell Gold in Calgary for the BEST price!Sell Gold in Calgary for the BEST price! Gold Calgary Guarantees Highest PricesGold, Silver, Platimum, Diamond, Costume, Jewelry, Buyer ...ANS Coins is the highest paying buyers for your gold, silver, platinum, costume, and diamond jewelry, and coins are the highest in the Lehigh Valley, United States ...Forbes Welcome/forbes/welcomeForbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.Eureka Property Buyers Agent | What's happening in the .../gold_coast_property_market_update.htmlOur Monthly Newsletter; Gold Coast Property Market Update; Impact of the Commonwealth Games? Property Depreciation; Help for Property Buyers; Homes …
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